Feb 23-24 - Bar Exam

Mar 1 - 2nd deadline for filing for July 2016 exam (w/late fee)

April 1 - Final filing deadline for July 2016 exam (w/late fee)

Effective May 1, 2016 - The application fee for Admission on Motion will increase from $1500 to $2000

BAR EXAM INFORMATION FOR THE FEB 2016 EXAM IS BEING SENT TO QUALIFIED APPLICANTS THE WEEK OF JANUARY 4, 2016 VIA EMAIL. Contact our office at admin@okbbe.com if you are signed up for the exam and did not receive an email.

February 2016 Exam Information Documents
We want to provide you with as much information as possible on the bar admission process in Oklahoma. On this web site, you will find:
  • A list of frequently asked questions about seeking admission to the Oklahoma Bar.
  • Specific information about registration as a law student.
  • Outline of the Bar examination process.
  • Information on admission without examination for persons who may be qualified by virtue of their years of experience in the full-time practice of law.
  • The Rules Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in the State of Oklahoma (promulgated by the Oklahoma Supreme Court)

We hope that one of the most useful features of this site will be the various application forms.  Simply complete the fillable PDF form, print and return all requested documents to our office.  Detailed instructions on the completion of each application package are displayed on the application checklist.

July 2011 Exam Information Documents
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